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As winner of Spiel des Jahre in 2000, Metro was far from a newly released game when I picked it up at UKGE at the beginning of June. It’s designed by Dirk Henn (Ticket to Ride, Alhambra) so I thought it would be worth a look.

I wasn’t disappointed. This is a great game of connecting lines to make routes around the Paris Metro system. The object of the game is to score the most points by building the longest tracks.


The edge of the board is lined with metro stations, which are assigned colours on a

Players place tiles to form rail lines, with the object being to make the lines as long as possible to score points. Tiles must be placed with the arrow on the tile matching that on the board. When a line is connected with stations at each end, the line is scored for which ever colour has the originating station.

Strategy comes in by trying to connect lines which start further away together to make longer lines, and blocking opposing players lines, forcing them to be shorter by careful tile placement.

Lines which reach the central four stations score double points. Lines may cross over and form loops. If a line crosses a particular tiles more than once, each time it crosses scores again.

The game ends when all tiles have been placed.

The rules are simple, and this is quick and easy to pick up.

Designer: Dirk Henn

Published by: Queen Games

Retails for ~£25 from various online retailers.

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