UKGames Expo 2016 – Sunday

ByKatie Bain

UKGames Expo 2016 – Sunday

Sunday of the Expo was a bright and early start, in order to try and hit the breakfast before the rush. Rooms were emptied and cars were packed for an early checkout so that we didn’t have to return to the hotel just for that purpose.

11We were early into the main hall, and found our way straight to the tables of Reign of Chthulu Pandemic. We’d hopefully lurked by this game on the Friday and Saturday, but tables had always been too busy. With two spare seats at the table, Vicky and I didn’t need to be asked twice to take part in this game.

For fans of Pandemic, this game is familiar enough that it’s easy to pick up, but with enough variation to make it exciting.

Characters start with four sanity tokens (well, it wouldn’t be right to have a lovecraftian game without the possibility of going insane would it??), and an individual character ability similar to in the Pandemic game.

Disease cubes are replaced by cultists, but instead of an outbreak happening, a shoggoth appears! Three shoggoths and the game is over. Symbols on cards mean that shoggoths move towards gates, once they get through the gates, an ancient one is awakened. Ancient ones affect various abilities and actions of the investigators. As with vanilla Pandemic, there are many ways to lose, but only one way to win!

Several copies of this game were raffled off over the course of the weekend, and though I wasn’t fortunate enough to win , one, Jeppers did, so he’s going to have to make a trip over to Sheffield and play it sometime soon! Hope you’re reading this Jeppers!

Temp Worker Assassins and DesignerTemp Worker AssassinsA visit to the play-test area proved promising. We took part in a game of Temp Worker Assassins, with the designer of the game, David Newton. I really enjoyed this game.

Players take on the role of disgruntled, under-appreciated temp workers, with a real grudge against those with full time permanent contracts. Management are suspicious, given the amount of mysterious deaths of late, so nobody can enter the building with any deadly weapons.

Part worker-placement, part deck-building, this game is engaging and a lot of fun. It’s played over the course of 5 rounds (a Monday to Friday week), with each day having a bonus for the first assassination of the day. Workers visit different locations to find items, such as ‘sadistic safety scissors’ used to complete the assassination.   Each target for assassination has an amount of damage needed to kill it, and the amount of points gained from the kill. After an assassination, the worker used must report to security.  The art work on the cards is fun, and humorous, with characters such as the Public Relations Troll as targets awaiting their untimely death! I’m looking forward to seeing this game on Kickstarter on 28th June!

After a busy weekend of gaming, walking around the hall, to and from the hotel, it was all too soon time to go. Counting down to UKGExpo 2017 already ….

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