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Team Building Events

With us, great business is the end game …

Our aim is the same as yours: to inspire, incentivise and engage your individuals and teams for a better workplace experience.

Games for Business will provide innovative tools for learning, development of strategic thinking, cognitive challenges, problem solving and business team participation through game play.

Outcomes your business can expect:

  • Improved team function
  • Respect for team play and the promotion of wellbeing
  • A creative confidence where everyone wins
  • Help your teams to identify hidden skills
  • Reduced stress and increased productivity
  • Personal and interpersonal growth

Bespoke Game Development

Games Explorers will work with you to develop a game suited to your needs. Whether this is transforming a book into a unique social self-reflective experience, or helping you elevate your education, training and workshop delivery into an engaging and immersive format, we can guide your through our GAMER process of development.

Overview of the development process:

Gather information about the purpose of the game.

Analyse to determine whether it is feasible to turn into a game.

Make a prototype of the game

Evaluate  – meet and discuss whether the game meets requirements.

Review – take on feedback, incorporate into game, playtest and revise until satisfied.

The evaluate and review stages are crucial, and may involve several revisions before the game is finalised.

Case Studies



Focus on Sales Funnels with Steve Knapp and Premier Inn

Steve wanted more engagement and to cement the learning of people taking part in his sales training courses. We set to work to create something really unique,  bringing Steve’s SPANCOP sales funnel process to life in game form.

The evolution of the game from the initial prototype has been quite a journey, and at some times brutal as elements of the game were changed and, at times, stripped away to provide a balance of being a useful and engaging training experience while not making it over complex.

I played it with gamers, refined it and took it back to Steve, and we tested it some more with local Sheffield business owners. Each time we tested, we took away feedback and comments, and evaluated what worked well and what didn’t, until we felt that we had reached the point where the game works as well as it should.

We had the fantastic opportunity to take the game to the sales teams of Premier Inn.  16 delegates, all focussed on the game. The conversational buzz in the room was fantastic as they all settled into optimising their sales funnels.


So, what did they have to say about it?

Brilliant! Really loved it!


It’s a really good way to practice the sales methodology we’ve been using!


 It has really helped the teams focus.


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Meet the founder, Katie Bain:

Katie brings Games for Business to life with her love of gaming, coupled with her fiercely professional approach. Her extensive knowledge in the development and delivery of training programmes helps to translate effortlessly into this new venture, Games for Business.

For more information, contact Katie on 07973140686 or via our contact form.

“Katie has a depth of technical knowledge as well as an understanding of how to develop gaming strategies and game design for an end product that has far exceeded my expectations.”