Games for Business

We provide innovative business development experiences to inspire, incentivise and engage your individuals and teams for a better workplace experience.

Education and Community

We work with education providers to deliver information and encourage participation in new and exciting ways.

We work in the community to provide holiday and weekend activities for families.

Social Events

Why not ditch the digital and join us for an evening of games at one of our public events or books us for something different at your special occasion.

Meet the founder, Katie Bain:

Katie brings Games for Business to life with her love of gaming, coupled with her fiercely professional approach. Her extensive knowledge in the development and delivery of training programmes helps to translate effortlessly into this new venture, Games for Business.


For more information, contact Katie on 07973140686 or via our contact form.

“Katie has a depth of technical knowledge as well as an understanding of how to develop gaming strategies and game design for an end product that has far exceeded my expectations.”  – Lorraine Dixon