Today I’m going to be telling you all about what benefits and things that you can learn from using board games. 

So one of the main things is strategy planning.

This depends on what kind of games you’re playing. Strategy planning is about learning how to have an overarching view about what you want to happen and how you’re going to figure it out. 

There’s lots of games use different sorts of strategy planning, something that you might be familiar with is something like risk where you’re thinking about whether this is something you want to do, where do you want to get to, how do you move your armies? 

And thinking how do I move towards my endgame goal. 

Games can teach you problem solving. 

There’s so many different games out there now that do things in different ways. So you might have a game something like Forbidden Desert or Forbidden Island, where you’re all working together towards a common goal. But it encourages you to listen to one another, and to communicate with one another so that you can work together because if you don’t, and if you don’t maximise every individual’s strengths within the game, then the game will win. 

It teaches you to be flexible and adaptable in your strategy planning.

Especially in your thinking and in your problem-solving because what’s going on, might change. You might need to react to something that happens within the game. Or to something that somebody else does. You might need to change your plan or change your strategy. 

So games can help you learn how to do this kind of flexible approach to thinking. 

You might need to learn how to make sacrifices. 

If you think of a game of chess, when you have a little pawns lined up on the front row and you send them out to do their bit in the battle. You might lose them, you might sacrifice a piece because it will put you into a better position later on. 

Also learning how to fail in a safe way. 

You can play a game, if you don’t win, if you’re not successful, you can think about it and think “Well what would I do differently? What did I do? What did somebody else do?”

You can try different strategies, different tactics, different ways of looking at the game next time you play. So you’ve learnt to fail in a safe way. We don’t do things when we’re learning perfectly first time. And it’s the same with games, so if you play games again and again, then you strengthen things, you strengthen your flexibility of thinking, you strengthen your problem-solving muscles. 

It’s like when you’re exercising, you don’t go for a run once and expect to run a marathon. You work at it and you work at it. So playing different games over and over again will help those mental muscles grow and develop.

To recap the benefits of board games are;

Increasing strategic thinking,

Increased problem-solving skill,

Becoming more adaptable, 

Learning how to sacrifice,

And failing in a safe way.