Today I would like to tell you all about a case study. I’ve been working with Steve Knapp, the sales mindset coach, on a game of funnel vision. 

Now funnel vision is the name of Steve’s book, so we’ve kind of used the name a bit for the game (at least while it’s in its play test purposes anyway). 

This came about when I was talking to Steve some months ago, and he was talking about people coming along to his sessions and they’re writing loads and loads and loads of things down in their notebooks and their notebooks are just going into their bag and they’re just sitting there. 

So how could Steve help increase, help cement the learning that people are getting in his courses? 

We kind of had a chat about it and I said “yeah I think I can help you, I think a game would help you here”. 

Initially we thought, let’s have a go and let’s see if we can get something that’s gonna take around half an hour. I thought about this and the sales process, and I had a map of a kind of made-up city. And people could go to different like networking events or business events within the city to kind of like try and build up their business. And then there was lots and lots and lots of things going on. 

And I took it to Steve, “Ah! Wow! This is great!” He called up somebody else, “Hey come down and have a look at this, this is my game” 

We had a play through and what came very very quickly apparent, is that actually it was a little bit too much setting up the map, setting up this, setting up the networking locations. 

The set up was taking far longer than it really should do for a game that you want to introduce to people who are giving up their working day to come and learn something. 

We did some play testing with people, we did get some really positive feedback. But there was lots of learning points to take away to go and implement before we did anymore. 

So we went away I did some more thinking, I took the next iteration back to Steve. 

And the next. 

And the next. 

And each time we just tweaked something a little bit. 

So the map went, because we didn’t really need it for the game. 

We had different types of customers, each customer was on a different coloured card, with different numbers on for success about whether they’d actually get into your sales funnel. 

So we had lots and lots and lots of little bits. 

And then I took it and I did play it with some gamers because I thought I’ll take it to some board gamers and see what the feedback comes back. And really, and it was something I kind of knew myself because there were bits of it that sort of felt clunky. 

Overwhelming, it was just “Strip it back. Don’t worry about your existing customers – just focus on the funnel.” 

And I looked at it and I thought well most of these pieces of paper that we’ve got, with the customer details on, revolve around three numbers. You’re either three plus, four plus or a five plus. 

So why don’t we have three different coloured dice? 

If you roll a green one, you have a success on a three. 

If you have a blue one, you have a success on a four. 

If you have a yellow one, then you have a success on a five. 

There you go, you can roll all your dice at once, you don’t have to worry about billions of pieces of paper. And actually that has really streamlined it really really well. 

We’ve now play tested with a couple of groups of people, and we’ve got some more to come too. And that’s kind of been the process of designing a game, and getting a game so that it’s now pretty much ready to take out the customers. 

So thanks Steve, it’s been great working with you. And we’ll see where we go from here. 

For the rest of you, if you’d like to know more about what we could do for you, then please let me know. 


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