I’d like to talk to you today a little bit about change management. 

Change management is one of those things it’s enough to give anybody a headache, turn your hair blue, and think “Oh God, do I really have to do this?” 

Sometimes, yes, it is necessary. 

But what can we do to help take the sting out of it? 

To help make it a little bit easier? 

Because managing change is never particularly easy. 

When people aren’t informed, when the workforce aren’t informed, they feel disenfranchised, people lose morale, productivity goes down, so does you profit when that happens. So finding ways to engage people, to communicate in the right way, and to help that change process be as smooth as possible. 

So how can I help with that? 

I’m the games lady right, so what can I do about change management? 

Well actually I can help you. Because one of the objectives with games is problem-solving. 

You have a problem – your problem is change management. So if we help you to exercise those problem-solving muscles, maybe that will help your change management process. 

Within many games you have to make calculated decisions. So do you in change management. 

You have to manage your resources. Well isn’t that what change management is all about? 

When your resources are real people, you need to communicate – another thing we can get from games, communication skills. 

So we’re communicating, we’re managing resources, we’re using our problem-solving muscles, and that’s how we can help. 

Games help you plan, they let you learn how to plan and be dynamic – so how do you react to other things that you are going on? 

You always have to keep thinking ahead in games, but sometimes something will happen that you didn’t expect and you might have to change your mind and take a different strategy. 

It is kind of like that in the workplace too, things happen, you might have to react to market forces. All these different things that can happen; people leave, people come, somebody higher up decides they’re going to reorganise. 

So how you think about things, how you apply things, can you make decisions under pressure? You can do that with games too (bet you never guessed that did you?) So some things might be time related – you must do this in a certain time. That’s a kind of pressure. 

You might need to think a bit laterally to think about how to get around a problem. And that’s fine, we can help you do those things, we can help with games, we can help you draw analogies between disparate ideas through the use of games. We can enhance your communication and help make that change management process just that little bit easier on you. 

If you’d like to find out more, please comment or drop me a message.