So what are dexterity games? 

They’re games where you’re using physical components and you’re manipulating them in some way. And what you really don’t want is for everything just to fall down and clatter to the floor. 

If you think of Jenga; When you are removing blocks from the tower, hopefully without the whole thing falling down. 

Dexterity games help us in improving our dexterity, so we’re getting a real life skill from playing a board game. But they are simple, they’re entertaining, they’re good for groups of people, they’re good for younger people. 

They tend to have a bit of a fun party element to them. The other element about dexterity games is you get really really quick feedback if you’ve done something wrong. And it’s very very public, because everybody sees. Your construction smashed to the floor. 

So other than Jenga, what are we thinking about when we’re talking about dexterity games?

Rhino Hero is a great one, for anybody who likes to make stacks, of houses of cards. Rhino Hero is probably a good one for you. 

You have a card, with a picture of some walls on it, and you arrange the walls you put the next level on. You are gradually building up the stack of cards, but as you do so, you have to move the Rhino. so the higher it goes, the more the construction starts to sway a little bit, and so the less stable it gets. And so eventually, or maybe not – if you’re really sturdy enough. But eventually the tower comes crashing down. 

We have Jump Arts, where in each round you have a different goal to do, a different something to try and make happen. And you’re trying to score by taking pieces. 

You might take a piece and then pass one on to your neighbour, and they really don’t like what you’ve passed them because it’s not going to fit with what they’ve got, and however they put it everything is just going to come clattering to the floor. 

We have Tokyo Highway Way, where you are making routes, and you’re stacking cars. And again you’re trying to make points by scoring routes, and it’s cars, and stacking it. 

With all of these games there’s an element of tension that builds as you go, and you’re concentrating, you’re really focusing, and you’re really trying to get your piece really, really where you want it to be. 

There’s a great couple of little dexterity games coming out from Alley Cat Games soon.

One really is a game after my own heart, because it’s stacking cats. It’s called Kittin and it literally is stacking little cats as quickly as you can, without making a mistake. 

And the other one is Tinder Blocks, where you’re using little tweezers to build little bits of fire, with little red and yellow cubes and brown sticks. 

They are great little games. And I really, really would advise you if you want something that’s simple, entertaining, easy to learn, go for one of the dexterity games. 


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