Now I’m really really not very good at drawing but I have had some of the most fun I have ever had playing drawing board games. There’s a range of games out there that use drawing in different ways. 

One of the most fun is Telestrations.

Now this is a little bit like when you’re at school and somebody would draw the head of something and then you’d fold it over and somebody would draw the next bit of the body… and you’d end up with a real kind of mishmash kind of body. 

But with Telestrations you start with a word. And so you see your word, nobody else knows what your secret word is, everybody has their own secret word. And you draw this word, then the next person will get your little booklet and they will see what you’ve drawn and they’ll guess what it is and then they’ll write down their guess. 

And then it passes along and the next person draws what word they see and it goes around and around and around. 

What you find is, I think the most interesting one we had, was where lasagna turned into pirate cats. 

So somebody had the word lasagna. Now how do you draw lasagna? You have no colours, you’re not allowed to use numbers, or special characters. So you can try and draw a lasagna, or you might think well Garfield liked lasagna, so I’m going to draw Garfield and a lasagna. 

Now depending on your drawing skills, this might not look very much like Garfield and lasagna at all. So somebody else might think it’s a cat and a flag, so we have flag cats. The next person’s flag comes out as a skull and crossbones and so we’ve gone from a lasagna through to pirate cats. 

That’s just one example but all sorts of things can happen when people try and interpret other people’s drawings out of context. 

Scrawl is another one where people are trying to guess things that are being drawn in a hurry, and it can get a little bit rude. 

But other games also use elements of drawing in them. 

Captain Sonar is a team game, where you’re opposing teams on submarines and it’s somebody’s turn when things go wrong, somebody suddenly has to like draw or quickly round an outline of the submarine, quickly, quickly, quickly and then pass it along and say is this correct? So that you can fix your ship before you can carry on. 

Patchwork doodle is another one that’s quite therapeutically relaxing for drawing. In patchwork doodle you’re making your kind of patchwork quilts and you have different shapes, different shaped pieces to put in and you can draw nice little patterns on them. So that’s combining a sort of drawing, sort of like therapeutic fun, along with tessellation, spatial awareness. 

By all means give drawing games a go. 


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