Employee engagement surveys. 

Who likes these things? 

They arrive by email or on a piece of paper depending on what you do.

There’s some boxes to tick. 

You send off the results. 

If you are the manager or if you’re the line manager you get some results back and you look at them and your like; 

“But what am I going to do with these?” 

What do you do when your employee engagement survey says your staff aren’t really that happy? 

When morale is a bit low? 

When they’re not really working very well together as a team? 

What do you do when your employee engagement survey results say the communications not very good between different levels in the organisation? 

What do you do? 

Maybe you get together, you have a meeting. 

How many meetings do you sit there in tapping your pencil, looking at the ceiling, thinking “my time could be better off somewhere else” “what time is lunch?” 

What about if I said to you I may have something that could help you. 

That something would be a team-building board game exercise. 

Now I could come to you or we could go out to a venue somewhere else. But what would happen is we’d get people together. We’d get people communicating, interacting on different levels. 

And if you take people out of the workplace and you get them to look at things in a different way, and maybe you do a game that maybe shows different people’s strengths that they don’t normally display in the workplace; you get them to talk to somebody that they don’t normally talk to. 

Maybe they’ll find out “Oh well I play golf” “Oh I didn’t know you play golf and we’ve worked together for about five years!” When people find out some of these little things about each other, it doesn’t need to be incredibly personal, but it helps the team to bond. 

A team that bonds will then work more productively.

Their morale will be increased. 

They’ll also stop worrying about some of the smaller things that niggle them. Those little things that lead them to generate those bad employee survey results that you’ve got.

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