Today I’d like to talk to you a little bit about fun. It’s not always something that you associate with the workplace is it? 

But there are little things that we can do with games that can make things a little bit more fun. Now this might be as part of a maybe a team-building activity based on games or maybe it’s something that you’d like to incorporate into meetings or into review times or just something to make things a little bit different, just sharpen things up a little. 

Fun helps us to relieve some stress, it’s a bit of a stress buster, and if we do it with board games or non-digital games it gives us a bit of a digital detox too because we all spend so much of our time scrolling up and down our screens, checking our emails responding to this, doing that. Let’s have a little bit of a time away from all that, and have some fun and enjoy ourselves. 

Have a break from the old routine. 

Icebreaker games; so many things that we can do to create ways to get people talking. 

It might be something really simple. You know how many people are coming to an event, you have a set of questions with matching answers, you have to go around and find the person who has a question that matches yours. So I might have (off the top of my head) something like the answer to my question is a large cat, somebody else might have a type of sportswear, so the answer to both would be Puma. 

There’s lots of lots of these types of questions that we can do that encourage people to interact. 

There’s lots of games out there that have been designed to encourage people to interact, designed to encourage people to just lighten up a little bit and relax and enjoy themselves and have fun. 

There’s a really good one called Team Three. You’re trying to make something but the thing is; one of you can’t speak, one of you can’t see so together you’ve got to put together this structure with only having part of the information yourself. 

Not only is it a team-building thing but it’s a really good fun thing. 

Something like Yogi is also good. Do you ever remember playing twister when you were younger and the fun that that would be? The hilarity as you twisted yourselves around? Yogi is a little bit like twister but you can play it seated at a table and you’re not necessarily like doing anything involving anybody else. You might have to like say keep a card on your nose or keep your left elbow above your left wrist and so you can end up contorted in some really really kind of odd ways. One of the funniest ones is if you have to keep your top teeth covered and show your bottom teeth or was it keep your bottom teeth covered and show your top teeth – makes it really difficult to talk. 

But they are games that don’t take long to play. They have very few rules and they’re really really easy for everybody to join in with and something to just lighten the mood a little, something to get people into a good frame of mind to go into whatever activity is you’re doing next.