I’m going to talk about life skills that we learn from board games and today I’m going to focus on collaboration. 

A collaboration is something that we use while we’re at work, while we’re at home and we are with our families, whether we’ve been with our friends. Whatever we’re doing, we collaborate with people, we work with people. So what better way than to increase your engagement with people and learn how to work with them better, than through board games? 

There’s a designer called Matt Leacock who has made a range of games, all of which are usually based on something really bad that is going to happen unless you work together to win this game, to make something happen. 

Firstly there’s Pandemic in which everybody takes on a role to find cures for a disease, that is taking over the world. There’s four diseases taking over the world and you have to work together to get to cities, to remove the infections and once you have found all the cures, you’ve won. 

There’s also Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert, and now Forbidden Sky. They are all games where again you’re all taking on different roles, you’re all working together in different ways to either escape an island that’s sinking or escape the desert or escape from a storm ridden, cloudy, electrical sky. 

So these are all games where you are talking, you’re doing, you’re strategizing and you’re working together towards a common end goal. 

There are some other things as well like dexterity games, games when you’re handling physical pieces to do different things. 

An example of this is a great game called Team 3, and it’s played in teams of three. 

The monkeys have blueprints for a construction site. So in your team of three, you’re working together and you were trying to make whatever it is you’re trying to make, but the problem is like the three wise monkeys; one of you can’t see, one of you can’t talk and then the other one’s got to do everything. 

Between you, you have to find ways to communicate, to make the structure together. 

By playing these games and a range of others that all encourage people to work together, then you’re learning the skills of picking up slack and working out who does what in the team, figuring out whose brain works well in different situations. 

So whether it’s at work, at home with your friends, with your family – we all need to collaboration skills. And board games can be great to help you enhance their skills. 


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