I’ve seen quite a few posts in the past few days about networking, so I’m here to throw my hat in the ring. How often do people network, what is the best way to network, do you need to network, which networks are best for you? All of these are things I’ve thought about when I’ve been choosing which networking groups to attend, as they are so many and varied.

We use networking for a multitude of reasons – we’re building relationships, learning, sharing knowledge and experiences. .

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One thing which comes up relatively frequently for me is the understanding of what I do. On hearing “games” or “boardgames”, often the frame of reference for people is based on childhood experiences – Monopoly, Cluedo, family arguments …. and this makes it difficult in the time allowed at networking events to describe, illustrate or demonstrate the benefits of games, and how much games have changed over the years.

Car from the 1930s - around the time Monopoly was first produced.

I’ll use cars as an analogy. Back in the 1930s, when Monopoly was first produced, people were pootling around in cars which, while still considered stylish by many today, and certainly functioned to transport people from one place to another, lacked many of the features we have available to us in motoring today – sound systems, sat-navs and seat warmers, not to mention climate control, power steering and seat belts.

Making Beautiful stained glass window - Sagrada.

And so it is with games, evolving, developing, still functioning to bring people together and entertain, but with much more variation in design and play style. Having a real choice in how you play and which action you take gives a player far more agency and therefore a more satisfying feeling than purely relying on the roll of a dice to take you round the corner to collect £200 as you pass GO! Why not make the prettiest stained glass window in Sagrada, ensure your trees are getting the best of the sunlight in Photosynthesis, or work together to save the world from deadly diseases in Pandemic ….

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