What would you say if I told you that I could help you get a more positive attitude? I could help you exercise your brain? I could help you develop strategic thinking? And maybe a little bit of patience? 

What would you say if I could do all of this through board games? 

So what are we talking about? 

Exercising our brain. 

We spend so much time scrolling through our screens, on digital media, one thing and another, isn’t it great when you can take a break from that and you can sit with some other people around the table and interact. 

That’s where the positive attitude comes in. You might be playing a strategic game, a deep game, a heavy game but that interaction with people is what brings it and what makes it like a positive experience. 

Whether you win or lose you’ve still had that experience, you’ve had that meeting of people together, the interactions, the social little interaction things that we can’t get by as a species without – we’re designed to be social. 

Sometimes you can find that games can bring people closer. You may have worked together in a team building game or a team strategy game where it’s all of you against the game and you really really have to work together because otherwise you’ll all lose together. 

Even when you lose there’s a feeling of camaraderie the kind of “We all worked together, we were nearly there!” And sometimes those are the ones that bond us the most. 

Games can be a little bit therapeutic. 

People who find it difficult to socialize, difficult to make conversations with others, can find that within a game situation it becomes much easier, because you’re communicating within the confines of the game. So there’s allowable conversation, there’s a discussion about what you might do, what are you gonna do next? 

A really good one for this is something like forbidden desert, you’re all working together to create the desert. You’re there you can see it on the table, you move your porn, you turn over a card. 

Is it going to be the Sun beating down, depleting you of the last of your water and leaving you to die a shriveled husk? 

Or is it going to be something more benign, are you going to find some treasure? 

Maybe a magic dome that’s going to prevent you from losing the water when the Sun does eventually beat down? 

But you’ve worked together, you’ve done this. So we can bring people closer, it can be therapeutic to help people who find difficulty in communicating communicate with others. And it’s giving your brain a really really good old workout.