Reflections is a game that I designed in collaboration with the Lorraine Dixon from Open Narrative. It’s the realisation and turning into a game of her diary called Being Me.

The Being Me diary has a series of questions, a question for every day of the year and you answer those questions every day for five years. There’s one question a day for five years, but you can see how things have changed. 

Lorraine came to me and said well is there something you can do with this?

So the idea for reflections was born. 

The idea behind reflections is getting people talking. 

So in this box here we have an instruction leaflet and we have some cards. They actually come paper banded because we wanted to stay away from cellophane but within the box we have a load of questions and we have some what we call kindness cards. 

So if you decide you don’t want to answer a question, you can give one of these to somebody instead and say something positive. 

We also have movement cards, so these allow you to move around, we’ve got the questions set out like in a clock face with 12 questions. So you can move around and try and connect something from every different section. 

What I thought we’d have a bit of fun with today, I’ve got the cards I’m going to cut the cards and get a question. And that question is; 

What three items would you take with you to a desert island? 

Now in the game we have these red and green cards. The red card is I don’t really want anybody else to contribute to this question, the green card is please talk. So I’m going to hold up the green card because I’d like you to contribute your answer to this question too. 

So what three items would I take with me to a desert island? 

Well I thought I would take a tinder box or flint and tinder, I would take a sharp knife and I would take some distillation kit so that I could make the salt water pure enough to drink. And then I might stand some chance of survival. 

And I thought I was doing pretty well with that and then somebody earlier on today said “well actually I’d take a helicopter, some fuel and a pilot. Then I don’t have to worry about staying on the island, because I won’t be there. I don’t have to worry about surviving.” 

Lots of people would like to take books or Kindles, but then what happens with your Kindle when it dies? Well take a solar charger. 

I’d like you to tell me what three items would you take with you on to a desert island?