My name is Katie and I really really love board games. 

I’ve always played board games. When we were younger there was family or friends, all sitting around a table playing together. You get something more out of playing games together than when you’re sitting around playing it together than sitting around everybody on their digital devices, it’s a nice kind of digital detox.

Because I love games, when my situation changed last year, and I needed something different to do and I thought you know I could go back into the old job that I’ve been doing… or I could try something different!

So of course I thought why not try something with games? 

It’s something that I’m passionate about, it’s something that I know and it’s something that I can use to help other people. 

And so I created Games Explorers, my company. 

What Games Explorers does is uses games to help people explore different ways to deliver their knowledge, concepts and training to their staff members, to their employees or even to the general public. 

Why games?

There’s so many things that you can get from games; 

They’re really really good for increasing problem-solving skills. 

There’s things that you can do that can help increasing communication. 

A lot of people nowadays will use things like escape rooms that’s team building. 

But not everybody wants to go out of the workplace.

There’s things that you can do in the workplace, as a team and you’ve worked together and you’ve done the same kind of thing in a team-building exercise.Similar activities as you would have done in an escape room. 

There’s strategic thinking. 

And then there’s good old fun. 

Maybe you want to do a team away day, but you don’t really fancy paddling across a damp and cold lake. 

Why not have somebody come to you or pick a venue of your choice and we’ll bring the fun along with us.

I really really want to help more people enjoy games and get more out of games. And in the workplace, I believe we can really make something that makes a difference. Something that helps people to retain information because it’s a different way of doing things. You’re not just listening and somebody else is talking at you and it’s all a fog and you start to fall asleep and switch off. You’re interacting. And anytime you’re doing something where you’re interacting, you’re going to take much more away.

Let’s get the fun into your business! Bring on the board games!