The waters running dangerously low. 

You’re parched. 

You’re almost dehydrated in the desert. 

What are you gonna do? 

Just across the shifting sands you can see the water carrier and you think;

“Am I gonna get there in time?”

You pan out and we can see there’s some tiles on the table. 

There’s some pawns, and as the navigator you’ve got a really really important job, because you’ve got to make sure that everybody else gets to where they need to be. 

Sitting next to you is your boss and he’s the water carrier. 

So what are you gonna do? 

“Well I’d like you to move your pawn to this square.” 

So there’s you telling your line manager or requesting your line manager to please move his pawn to somewhere at your behest. How does that feel? 

It’s okay. It’s the game and the game says we’re all working together, we all have different roles. 

You’re the navigator, what you’re really good at doing is getting other people to be where they need to be. 

The water carriers job is to carry the water and share it around with other people. 

You’ve got an archaeologist, they’re really really good at clearing sand. 

And a climber, who’s good at getting through the holes. 

But what we see, when we play this game, is it doesn’t matter what you do in your day job, within the confines of this game you’ve got your new role. You’re the navigator, he’s the water carrier, you’re telling people where to go. 

You have to listen to one another, sometimes you do find that some people do tend to get a little bit shouty and a little bit “I think we should do this” But hey let’s all listen because if you don’t do things to the best of everybody’s ability, then the game’s going to beat you. 

You’ll turn over your card, the Sun will beat down and you will lose your remaining water before you have a chance to move the water carrier to you. 

Your line manager, he moves his pawn. He shares the water, you turn over your cards and actually the Sun doesn’t beat down. Now you just need to get everybody to the helipad, you can all escape and you’ve won the game. 

You can look around, and you can see other people playing the game as well, other groups of people. 

How are they doing? 

How does it feel to be part of that team that works well together and wins? 


Games Explorers