There’s different ways that we communicate, and that might be all right to be very casual and use a lot of slang if I’m meeting a friend, someone I know, or family, even for a little greeting across the street, but it’s not how we communicate at work. 

How do you communicate at work? 

How do other people communicate with you? 

Do you feel that you have a voice? 

Do you feel that it’s listened to by your line manager? 

By your peers? 

Is there somebody in your team who’s a bit quiet? 

A bit reserved? 

Who doesn’t really talk and you’re not really sure whether they’re happy, whether they’re getting on with things, or whether they need a little bit more support. 

What can you do about it if that’s the case? 

I’d like to propose to you that perhaps you consider games. 

Within the gaming environment, it takes people out of the workplace. It’s a more relaxed thing and people can feel more open to talk in a way that they wouldn’t necessarily do in the workplace. 

You might find that somebody starts to open up a little bit. 

You might find that somebody who you thought was quite a strong character, actually just liked the sound of their own voice and not much more than that. 

It’s interesting when people play games, that taking people out of the workplace, how sometimes the tables turn. And then actually yes they might be quiet but actually they are quite happy, they just need to learn how to communicate properly. 

What about directors and leaders, how do they communicate? 

Do you feel like you’re on the same team as them? 

Or are they stuck in an ivory tower, cascading orders down? 

Communication works two ways, so you need to have a way to speak to them too and maybe, if you’re lucky, they might be open-minded enough to actually sit and take part in a games event with you. Some of those games you might find you’re taking on a role and actually you’ve got to talk in a way you wouldn’t normally do to somebody who’s senior to you. It’s okay within the confines of the game. Because that’s the rules. 

But we can all get to know each other a little better and be a little bit more relaxed in the workplace if we learn to communicate with each other better. And we can do that through the use of games, so if you’d like to know more, please give me a call. 


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